Spring Quartet

Spring's sprung rhythm will hopefully gash gold soon. In the meantime, an (edited version of) a press release from one of Canada's most dynamic (and impressive) new small poetry presses:

Quartet 2006 / The Passionate Edge

Frontenac House is pleased to celebrate its sixth year of poetry publishing with another dazzling quartet of books and poets. Join us for one of the launches of Quartet 2006, an evening of richly spun poetry. It promises to be a great party, with readings, discussion, refreshments, and door prizes.

The Launches:

Thursday, April 20, 7:00 p.m. at Memorial Park Library, 1221-2nd Street, SW, Calgary,
with Pages Books on Kensington as our bookseller.

Monday, April 24, 7:00 p.m. at the Edward Day Gallery, 952 Queen St. W., Toronto,
with University of Toronto Bookstore as our bookseller

The Books

A Bad Year for Journalists by Lisa Pasold
In Pasold's poetry we hear the dissonant music of a broken and brutal world, its static and its ragged breathlessness. ~ Cecelia Woloch, author of Late, Tsigan and Sacrifice

Pearl by Nancy Jo Cullen
Cullen's poetry is a sassy, assertive attack, irreverent in the way that all who question tradition remind us what it is to be human and strike out at what holds us back. ~ The Jury, Alberta Books Awards

Tear Down by Ali Riley
Riley's formally wild poems work in waves, like musical movements building in intensity - a thrashing rock opera. ~ Sonnet L'Abbe, The Globe and Mail

The Lightness Which Is Our World, Seen from Afar by Ven Begamudre
Circling around the same but separate suns of East and West, Begamudre is a writer of extraordinarily eccentric talent. ~ Eve Drobot, The Globe and Mail

The Poets

All four poets of Quartet 2006 were nominated for literary honours for their previous work. Pasold, a Canadian journalist living in Paris, for Alberta Best Trade Book; Riley for the Gerald Lampert Award; and Cullen for the Gerald Lampert Award, Best Alberta Poetry book and Best Alberta Trade Book. Ven Begamudre, who was the Markin-Flanagan Writer in Residence at the University of Calgary in 1994, won the F.G. Bressani Literary Prize for Prose, and the City of Regina Writing Award. His book Laterna Magika was a finalist in the Commonwealth Writer's Prize.

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